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For most individuals and businesses, filing a federal bankruptcy or a state insolvency or restructuring proceeding, is a difficult choice. While it puts an end to creditor demands and gives the debtor a chance to liquidate or reorganize its capital structure, the consequences can be long term and the impact can affect business factors beyond the financial statement. At INDEGLIA & ASSOCIATES, our attorneys are experienced in all aspects of debtor and creditor rights. I&A uses its extensive experience to assist its clients in assessing and implementing the business decisions as well as the legal processes which enhance the prospect of a successful, results-oriented bankruptcy or other insolvency proceeding.

INDEGLIA & ASSOCIATES has helped debtors and creditors through a wide range of bankruptcy, receivership and insolvency issues from business reorganization and orderly liquidation to value enhancement of previously thought valueless assets to complex collection. I&A’s lawyers have the expertise and knowledge to help clients understand their rights and obligations.

Reinventing Your Company Through the Insolvency Proceeding

Our attorneys can help you determine whether you should file for federal  bankruptcy protection, a federal or state receivership, or possibly the implementation of an equitable state mastership proceeding.  Often the solution for a client, be it a creditor or debtor, is to pursue an out-of-court solution.  INDEGLIA & ASSOCIATES goal is to find a solution that best suits the client’s particular circumstances.