Receiverships Rhode Island

Rhode Island State Court Receiverships, Mastership Proceedings and Federal Court

Lawyers at INDEGLIA & ASSOCIATES have served as court-appointed Receivers and Special Masters to the Rhode Island Superior Court.  These appointments have been initiated at the request of private litigants, public sector litigants and on the Superior Court’s own initiative in a wide variety of situations. I&A has extensive experience in serving as a receiver or legal counsel to a receiver charged with operating a wide variety of businesses, real property enterprises, as well as the dissolution of corporations and other business entities such as legal, medical and other professional service-based partnerships.

Our experience and expertise in business operations, finance and legal compliance has resulted in our appointment by the Court as Special Master in partnership dissolutions, corporate shareholder disputes, valuation proceedings, and other complex business operations during the process of restructuring for sale or merger for the benefit of equity holders and creditors.  The firm has a proven record of success when its attorneys have been chosen to serve as court-appointed receivers or Special Masters.  The diversity of real life experiences in business ownership and operation has demonstrated why INDEGLIA & ASSOCIATES has time and again been successful in the development of creative solutions to legal, financial, and business issues.

As a Receiver, Special Master or as counsel to a party in interest in such a proceeding, our attorneys have been particularly resourceful in finding and enhancing value in a struggling business.  As a Court appointed fiduciary we seek to protect the rights of all stakeholders in a company’s business assets.  We will often embark on litigation and successfully recover from those who placed the business in distress.  Through honesty and integrity we are proud to say that often our assignments from the Court result in a new business, which has preserved the company assets, repaid the just creditors their debts and saved the jobs of the company employees while giving the owners a fresh start.  As counsel to an interested party our attorneys have the specific experience to protect that party’s rights.  We know that Creditors must act quickly to assert their interests and INDEGLIA & ASSOCIATES is formidable at guiding creditors through the receivership process.